The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Lost Cat - Richmond Hill: Cleo

Pet Lost: Cat

Richmond Hill,
18 Jun 2016 Lost Cat - Richmond Hill: Cleo
Lost Cat - Mississauga: Fallon

Pet Lost: Cat

23 Sep 2018 Lost Cat - Mississauga: Fallon
Lost Cat - Toronto: Hercules

Pet Lost: Cat

30 Apr 2015 Lost Cat - Toronto: Hercules
Lost Cat - Kingston

Pet Lost: Cat

08 Dec 2016 Lost Cat - Kingston
Lost Dog - Woodbridge

Pet Lost: Dog

04 Jun 2018 Lost Dog - Woodbridge
Lost Cat - mississauga: moca

Pet Lost: Cat

12 Mar 2014 Lost Cat - mississauga: moca
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What to do if you lost your pet?

Pets - it is a proven fact that they can improve our mood and brighten our lives. But like all sociable creatures, they sometimes stray far from home. Why do some pets become "lost"? There are several common causes:

The first reason is instincts and we can distinguish between the instincts of reproduction and those of the hunter. Obeying these instincts, your pet can go out in search of a mate or in pursuit of prey. In these cases, your pet will often return home on their own, but we can't always count on this: there are many circumstances that may prevent a safe return home.

The second reason is fear. Pets can easily get scared of loud sounds and because of this, run out an open door or window. The third reason is negligence. House pets like to sit on windowsills, and they can easily fall out if the owner does not take care of their security. For example, installing safety nets or screens.

What should you do if you have lost a pet?

Here are some of the things you can do to keep from wringing your hands:
  1. Print a flyer with a detailed description of the missing pet and a picture. Post them up in your neighborhood within a radius twice as large as the furthest walking distance you know your pet has been before.

  2. Give the same flyers to local veterinarians and stores; take them to animal shelters and other similar places.

  3. Do not forget to check animal shelters in neighboring towns. Always try to visit the shelters personally as this is more affective than calling.

  4. Place the ads on telephone poles and street lights in a wider radius (3.5 km).

  5. Ask any postal workers and landscapers in your area if they have seen your pet.

  6. Inform your neighbors, they can help you in seeking your pet.

  7. Place an ad in the newspapers; list them on all the websites you can find, and also monitor for any ads for sales or adoptions. It is possible that some people will try to sell your pet.

  8. Check animal shelters regularly.

  9. Check any rooms, basements or sheds that are normally sealed. Maybe your pet got into the neighbor's garage?

  10. Take long walks around the neighborhood and loudly call for your pet. Keep your eyes peeled - maybe she is hiding and afraid to come out.

  11. Use creative visualization - imagine that the pet has returned home.

  12. Install a humane trap with your pet’s favorite meal. Of course, you might catch someone else's pet, but people have managed to catch their own, lost and frightened pet.

  13. Do not give up right away. Some people were able to find their missing pet in months and even years.

  14. Consider giving your pet a collar tag with the your address, even if you think they will never need it. Perhaps your pet has spent their life in an apartment, but one day you might leave an open window?

  15. If the neighborhood has school-aged children, post your flyer at the school. Children usually pay attention to animals that they come across. Offer a reward - it mobilizes an army of young detectives.

The main things in this situation are your mood and activity. Statistics shows that more than half of the lost cats and dogs (about 66%) can be returned, if you take the above steps and do not panic.

Try not to give up too easily.


We invite you to share your experience which would be useful for others and would help someone find his or her lost pet.
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